A story about adventure, erotism, apocalypse and world wars.
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About The Island

PamelaAfter some kind of war,Anant, an Indian scientist, arrives to an aparently deserted island in New England Coast. There he finds two sisters, Pamelaand Janice, and Peony Hill, a ghost town full of stray cats. The three become in a love triangle, and confront a lot of enemies from different sources.

About me

My name is Diego Guerra. I work in Animation and Comics since the last century. You can see part of my work here. I use a lot of references, photography, and daz3d mostly, then I draw in photoshop with a tablet and almost all the backgrounds of my comics are modelled in sketchup (the sketchup developers made me a nice interview about my work). The colors are made in krita with an incredible plugin, Gmic. I'm the director of the animated feature DESTERRADA (official selection in animation and Film Festivals from 3 continents). Usually, I work in illustrations and comics for clients in USA, UK, France, Canada and Spain. But right now, my great passsion is THE ISLAND.
If you want to ask me about a comission or some comicbook paid project, or ask me anything about THE ISLAND, just write to diegogue@gmail.com.